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The Pennington Fire Company is one of the few remaining, fully volunteer fire companies in the area. We pride ourselves on this status and the fact that we have never operated with a staffed crew. Since 1891, our volunteers have kept the Pennington community safe, and we are very proud of the exceptional service and protection we have provided for over 125 years. We want to continue this historical volunteer company, and though our services will never disappear, our volunteer status might. A fully staffed crew – whether it be for the day or night shift, or both – will cost the taxpayers money. 


Our costs increase every year due to the growing size and occupancy of our district. Becoming a volunteer member at our station is an incredible opportunity, but we understand this role is not for everybody. If you are unable to become a member but still want to support our company, please make a donation below. Donations to the Pennington Fire Company by township residents and those who wish to support the PFC will help purchase new, and life-saving equipment and keep our operational costs as low as possible. We accept donations of any size and are grateful for your assistance.  

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Donate by sending money in through the mail. A fund drive letter is delivered annually to all residents living within the borders of our response district. Checks should be made payable to The Pennington Fire Company