Interesting Calls around the U.S.

This page will be updated with interesting calls that occur around the U.S. that can be a learning tool for the members. It will cover high profile events, and unique situations encountered by first responders across this country. Any questions about the material, or something to add, speak to Lt. Ingram.

These videos are from an Incident that occurred on May 16th, 2020 in Los Angeles CA.  Units were dispatched to a fire in a commercial structure, that was found to be using butane to process THC for vape products.  There were no markings, or warnings on the building as to the contents.  They initiated an aggressive initial attack and roof vent.  Units encountered large quantities of materials in the structure and heavy fire load.  They were pulling back just before the explosion happened.

12 Members were injured on this fire, 10 were caught in the explosion.  Thankfully, there were zero fatalities.


National Fire Academy, Firefighter Safety Video

This video is from the late 1980's - early 1990's.  The biggest take away from this video is how susceptible to "Tunnel Vision" firefighters are, and how doing unsafe actions are not always identified because of this.  We must always be alert and operate safely on the fireground.